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August 2001
July 2001
September 2001   
June 2001.          Division Reunion pics
May 2001
April 2001 CSA memorial day service and archival history Pvt. William Jasper Brown age 94 CSA
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Click here to see photos from our BBQ!
October 2001
Commander Church,Randy and Sonny at Charter Banquet
November 2001
Speaker Steve Burke
December 2001  Speaker Commander David Moncus       
Jan 2002             Speaker Commander Mike Mull
February 2002
March 2002        Speaker James Van Eldik  Book Donation to Library
April 2002          Speaker Compatriot Jason West
May 2002
June 2002  
July 2002
Memorial Service 02 (click for photos)
Picnic & Reenactors Photos- from compatriot J. Clifton.
See the video
It's all about family and fun!
August 2002       Speaker Steve Burke on Native American Indian Culture
Sept 2002
Oct 2002
Nov 2002

Dec 2002  
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Jan 2003  
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                         Adopt-A-Highway cleanup
                         Roy B. Gone- Day in Atlanta-Our Report
                         Additional Pics from Atlanta Flag Rally
Feb 2003
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March 2003
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April 2003
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  May 2003
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June 2003      Division Reunion coverage
July 2003
August 2003
Sept 2003
Oct 2003
Nov 2003       &   Centennnial Parade Photos
Dec 2003

Jan 2004 General's Banquet with Pastor John Weaver

Feb 2004
March 2004   Manassas
April 2004     Bloomin Festival in Metter, Confederate Memorial Day, Hunley burial
May 2004
June 2004
July 2004 SCV Field Rep. Jack Marlor spoke to us on the Hunley & Heritage

August 2004     Our Historian, Richard Crotwell, spoke on the Confederate Powderworks at Augusta. Click here for article on the program.

September 2004 Compatriot Bob Griner (past president of the Georgia Salzburger Society) Spoke to us about the Salzburger Society and the Salzburger settlement at Ebenezer Village in Effingham County. At thumbnail to right is (left to right) Bob Griner, Brigade Commander Mike Mull and new member Jack Hulsey. Hulsey joined in honor of his great grandfather Pvt. Benjamin Parrish of the 5th Georgia Cavalry. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

October 2004 Retired Professor of History from Georgia Southern University, Dr. Fred Brogdon, spoke to us about the new Altamaha Heritage Center to be headquartered in Lyons, Ga. Brogdon is the Center's Executive Director.
Click here to see more info on the Heritage Society. Click thumbnail to see photo of Dr. Brodon giving his presentation.

November 2004 Compatriot Vance Cody Harris told us about his trip to England in search of his ancestor Sir William Harris. He shared slides and stories about his research and visit. He DID find his ancestor's resting place!

November 2004- newsletter

December 2004 -newsletter

Compatriot Hu Daughtry gave the program on his research into local history.
Shown here with Brigade Commander Mike Mull

January 2005 Banquet - newsletter

February 2005 Program by Tony Thompson on his book "It's Not What You Know- The Battle to Control How You Feel About History"

March 2005 -Robert Franklin on the History of Dekalb County

April 2005- Memorial Service

May 2005- John C. Carter Commander David Moncus gave the program on the history of the Vicksburg Campaign.

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