Profile:  61st Georgia Regiment (As published in the Metter Advertiser in 2001. Written by Randy Crooms)

April is Confederate History, Heritage and Education month in Georgia and the City of Metter.  Throughout the month, the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942, Sons of Confederate Veterans are profiling troops and units from our area.  This week we profile the 61st Georgia Regiment.  The 61st had four companies from the Metter area.  These companies were Company B, H and K from Tattnall County and Company D from Bulloch County.

The 61st Georgia Regiment was formed early in 1861 for the defense of the Georgia coastline by order of Governor Joseph E. Brown, with troops coming from Irwin County, Tattnall County, Brooks and Thomas Counties, Montgomery County, Wilkes County and Macon and Bibb Counties.  The 61st was made up of Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and K.  May of 1862 found the regiment in service at Charleston, South Carolina.

The 61st Georgia Infantry would become assigned to what was dubbed as an "elite brigade of Georgia troops" by their commander Brigadier General Alexander Lawton.  Later, the brigade served under Brigadier General John B. Gordon and finally under Brigadier General Evans.  Because of this service, the brigade became known as the Lawton-Gordon-Evans Georgia Brigade.  The brigade originally had six Georgia regiments.  Along with the 61st were the 13th, 26th, 31st, 38th and 60th Georgia Volunteer Infantries.  The 38th Georgia also had troops from the Metter area, with Company C having troops from Bulloch and Emanuel Counties. 

The 61st and the rest of the elite brigade began their battle service in June of 1862 after General Robert E. Lee took command of the Confederate Army of the Potomac.  Lee took command of the army after General Joseph E. Johnston was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines.  The 61st and General Lee arrived around the same time and under Lee, the army became known as the Army of Northern Virginia.  General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia remains statistically the most successful American fighting unit in history. 

The 61st began their battle service soon after arriving during the Seven Days Battles of June 1862.  They fought at Gaines Mills, Malvern Hill, Bristoe Station, Groveton/Brawner's Farm, 2nd Manassas (Bull Run), Sharpsburg (Antietam) and Fredericksburg under the famous Lt. General Stonewall Jackson for the remainder of 1862. In December of 1862, the men of  61st (Lawton's Brigade) were sorely in need of blankets, shoes and clothing according to this primary source letter.  

In May of 1863, they fought at Chancellorsville from April 29th - May 5th with the great Stonewall being wounded and dying later that month.  After Jackson's death the 61st and their brigade became part of the 2nd Army Corps under Lt. General Richard Ewell.  Early in June of 1863, the 61st began marching northward with the remainder of the Army of Northern Virginia.  They saw action at Winchester, Virginia and marched as far as York and Wrightsville in Pennsylvania.  July 1st - 3rd found them with the rest of the army at the Battle of Gettysburg. 

In 1864, they were at the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Monocacy, Winchester/Opequon Creek, Fisher's Mill and Cedar Creek.  In 1865, they saw action at Hatcher's Run, Hares Hill and Fort Stedman.  The 61st and the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Virgina on April 9, 1865.

Muster Rolls

Company B - Tattnall Rangers - Tattnall County

Archibald P. McRae - MajorDaniel Robert Alexander Johnson - Captain
John Dees Marshall - 2nd Lieutenant William Partin, Jr - 2nd Lieutenant
E.F. Sharpe - 1st SergeantHenry R. Sharpe - 2nd Sergeant
Charles Pearson - Sergeant P.W. Rogers - SergeantJohn T. Sharpe, Sr. - Sergeant
E.D. Strickland - SergeantThomas Grace (Green) - Corporal
Daniel Luther Curry - 1st CorporalDennis Harrington - Color Bearer


B. AndersonW.H. BazellJames W. BellJohn C. Bell
W.H. BlalockCornelius BlockerJohn A. BlockerJoseph Blocker
W.H. BlockerNewt BowenBenjamin B. BrewtonEdward Burke
John BurkhalterJames I. BurlongFrank ButtsEli Coleman
D.B. ColsonM.J. CookWiley O. DeLoachEdward W. Dinkins
Joseph DinkinsWilliam DinkinsJohn T. DriggersZachariah Driggers
W.W. DubberlyJordan J. FindleyStephen L. FindleyWilliam W. Floyd
William M. GrantWilliam F. GrayDaniel (David) GreenJackson Grooms
Joseph J. GroomsJ.W. GroomsJoseph P. HaganS.W.W. Hagan
W.I. HaganJ.M. HammockWilliam I. HiggsIsaac Hutchinson
John L. (Snug) JarrielJesse J. JerniganGabriel J. JohnsonJ.T. Manning
S. MabryJ. C. MartinJ. T. MattoxWashington E. Mattox
A. G. McBrideJohn McBrideSocrates MobleyAsberry P. Moore
C.H. MooreWilber Force MooreWilliam P. MorrisA.G. Odum (Odom)
Daniel H. OdomJames H. OdumHugh PartinJohn J. Partin
John J. Partin, Sr.Joseph PartinJulius PittmanAbraham Powell
Jackson PowellJohn T. PowellP.J. ReddishJames Jackson Rewis (Drummer)
G.E. Rewis
Madison RewisRobert R. RewisA.B. RiggsW.S. Riggs
W.W. RodgersM.J. RogersWilliam SalterJackson Sapp
G.W. SaturdayG.W. SharpeJesse SharpeJohn C. Sheffield
Elias ShumanHampton SikesAlexander A. SmithCaleb W. Smith
D.H. SmithSimon SmithEli StaffordJoshua Stafford
Henry S. StricklandAlexander A. StriplingLauda StriplingRobert N. Stripling
Allen A. SurrencyAlfred H. SurrencyHampton W. SurrencyJames M. Surrency
Samuel S. SurrencyWilliam M. SurrencyRichard W. ThompsonJohn Thrift
Charles D. ToddW.W. ToddJames H. TootleA.J. Varnadoe
Spires D. VinsonAmos WattsJ.M. WatersWilliam H. Waters, Jr.
Jackson WebbR.WilliamsLewis WolfeA. Woods
J.S. Yeomans (Youmans)

Company D - Dekalb Guards - Bulloch County

Henry Tillman - Lt. ColonelStephen H. Kennedy, Sr. - Lt. Colonel
James H. Wilkinson - 2nd LieutenantJames Hoyt DeLoach, Jr - 2nd Lieutenant
John E.C. Tillman, 2nd LieutenantW.H. Williams - 2nd Sergeant
James M. Mincey - 2nd LieutenantJ.L.B. Nevils - 4th Sergeant
Eli J. Martin - 1st CorporalWilliam A. Lee - 2nd Corporal
W. Anderson Woods, Sr. - 3rd CorporalWilliam Holloway - 4th Corporal

John D.G. AndersonCalvin BanksIsaac BarrowJ.R. Beasley
Adam P. BirdWilliam H. BlandB.F. BowenThomas Boyett
John C. BrannenJ.A. BrownFrank ButtsJoel Cartee
John CarteeMalachi CarteeReuben CarteeWilliam Cartee
Chenutt DrewJohn B. ClementsJackson CollierA. Jackson Collins
Berrien CollinsG.A. CollinsH.J. CollinsJackson J. Collins
Joshua CollinsMartin V. CollinsNeal CollinsPerry Collins
Robert Henry CollinsElam SappWilliam H. CollinsZiba J. Collins
Timothy E. ConnellMartin CoueyJ.A.J. CruceLemuel Davis
Jasper DixonHenry DriggersJoshua EllisJohn Everett
Stephen L. FindleyPatrick FitzsimmonsHardy FranklinHiram Franklin
Mitchell FranklinRemer FranklinDaniel FrawleyCharlton Green
Daniel GreenMitchell J. GreenSolomon GreenGlynn F. Hendrix
James J. HendrixM. B. HendrixAsberry W. HodgesJ. C. Hodges
S.W. HodgesWesley HodgesWilliam G.W. HodgesWilliam H. Holland
Joshua HollowayJohn L. JarrielHenry JonesSilas E. Jones
Thomas B. JonesStephen H. Kennedy, Jr.William KennedyAlfred Kicklighter
William KicklighterJoshua KirklandWyley LewisAbsalom J. Nichols
George Washington NicholsHenry J. OliffDaniel ParrishHenry Parrish
Isaiah ParrishJohn PowellAndrew M. RimesHarrison Rushing
John J. RyalsG.W. ScarboroJ. Newton ScarboroJohn Smith
Martin Van Buren SmithDavid SummerlinIvey SummerlinJackson Turner
Samuel TurnerWyley UnderwoodFrancis M. WarrenIrvin Warren
Madison WarrenSims WarrenThomas WatersT.A. Waters
Washington WatersMichael WhiteB.W. WilkinsonWilliam R. Wilkinson
James WilliamsRobert J. WilliamsSimon L. WilliamsT.B. Winham
John Youmans

Company H - Tattnall County Volunteers - Tattnall County


James Bell Smith - CaptainJohn M. Dasher - CaptainM.B. Brewton - 2nd Lieutenant
Asberry P. Moore - 2nd Lieutenant Willis F. M. Edwards, Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Joseph D. DeLoach - 2nd LieutenantLauda Stripling, Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Michael M. Sikes - 1st Sergeant Alfred Strickland - 2nd Sergeant
James E. DeLoach - 3rd SergeantD. D. Sikes - 1st Corporal
Peter Burkhalter - 2nd CorporalAlfred Kennedy - 3rd Corporal


W.B. ArwellA.E. BaconBenjamin B. BaconEdmond L. Bacon
John BaconBenjamin BargeronJ.J. BarnardJ. W. Bazil
M. BlairW. BoothJ.B. BoyntonR. Burket
Bryant BurkhalterC.H. CarpenterT.J. CauseyWillaim A. Causey
William CliftonHoratio CollinsCharles H. CoppellWilliam M. C. Conley
William A. Coursey, Sr.L.O. Cowart, Sr.W.M.C. CrawleyJ.A. Defoe
A.M. DowdyS.S. FindleyPeter FiveashNimrod Frix
William GayneyW.W. GodbeeJames GordonDaniel Gray
George T. GrayW.M.C. GroomesPhineas H. HardmanJohn H. Hoffman
Josiah JamesMichael M. JamesGabriel J. JohnsonHampton Kennedy
Henry KennedyO.W. KennedyRayford KennedyGeorge Lang
Henry LangJoshua LangWilliam LangCharles W. Lynn
J.B. LynnRedden A. LynnAlderman J. C. McDildaGeorge F. McDilda
James McKayThomas A. McKayEdward MikellNathaniel Moore
Daniel H. OdomEphraim O'NealC. RaineyO.P. Ray
James M. RewisSamuel RichardsonM. J. RogersS.B. Rogers
William D. RossHampton SharpeNathan SharpeWiley W. Sharpe
Allan J. SikesJames D. SmithWilliam H. SmithAlbert Strickland
James M. StricklandWillaby T. StricklansW. StricklansStephen Thomas
Marvin G. TootleJohn O. WilkesP.A. WilliamsW. Williams

Company K - (Volunteers from companies A-I) - Tattnall County


E.F. Sharpe - CaptainJames J. Mobley - 1st Lieutenant
David L. Gray - 2nd LieutenantJohn E. C. Tillman, Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Henry R. Sharpe - 1st SergeantAsberry P. Moore - 1st Sergeant
Henry A. Calhoun - 2nd SergeantC. Flournoy Clark - 2nd Sergeant
Ziba J. Collins - 3rd SergeantJoshua Stafford - 1st Corporal
Bryant H. Ryals, 2nd CorporalJordon J. Finley - 3rd Corporal
J. J. Beagles - 3rd Corporal

H.H. BlalockJohn A. BlockerJoseph A. BlackerE.T. Brinson
H.N. BrowningBerrien BurchFrank BurchEdward Burke
E.T. BursonFrank ButtsJackson A. CollinsBenjamin Conner
Frank J. ConnerJames C. ConnerJohn T. DriggersZachariah Driggers
Stephen L. FindleyWilliam W. FloydJacob GayGeorge T. Gray
O.J. HardenWilliam G.W. HodgesJosiah JamesJohn L. Jarrell
H. LovettHugh MarlowT.A. McKayWilliam Mobley
Joseph J. MoncriefRichard B. MoncriefWilber F. MooreCharles Morris
Martin T. MosesHenry C. MozoJ. MutersJames Nail
J. S. NashAllen OdomDaniel H. OdomJohn Odom
Louis Bonds OdomJulius PittmanA.B. RiggsShepherd Riggs
J.J. RyalsG.W. ScarboroJ. Newton ScarboroW.D. Scarboro
H.H. SharpeJohnt T. Sharpe, Sr.John C. SheffieldMartin Van Buren Smith
Hampton SikesAllen A. SurrencyAllen H. SurrencyHampton H. Surrency
James M. SurrencySamuel S. SurrencyT. SurrencyJudson Turner
Wiley L. UnderwoodJ.M. WatersWilliam H. Waters, Jr.William H. Waters, Sr.
Alexander WatsonJackson WebbWilliam R. WilkinsonLewis Wolfe

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