The following prayer was written by confederate soldier, Private William Pennington of the 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company G after he was wounded in Virginia in 1864. Ironically, he makes no direct mention of his own wounds. Read the note following the prayer for "the rest of the story".

Private William Pennington’s Prayer
Our Father and Our God, unto thee, O Lord we lift our souls.
O, My God, I trust in Thee. Let us not be ashamed of Thee; yea let none that wait on Thee be ashamed; Let them be ashamed that transgress without cause.
Show us Thy ways oh Lord; teach us Thy ways to walk faithfully; teach us, O Lord, how to walk; lead us in Thy Truth and holiness; for thou art the God of our salvation.
Remember, O Lord, They tender mercies and Thy loving kindness, for they have been ever abundant.
O Lord, turn Thou unto us and have mercy upon us, for we are desolate and afflicted.
Remember O Lord, my dear companion and little ones that I am distant from.
O Lord, guide and protect them in their daily walk; give them a sufficiency of Thy grace; keep them from all harm.
Oh may the prayers be heard with full power and purpose in behalf of her little ones, O Lord, I beseech Thee, raise them up in the way they should go, and if it is Thy holy will that I should be united with them again, O may I walk upright before them.
Do, O Lord, let me realize the comforts of my family once more if it is Thy holy will; but O Lord, Thy will be done; regard Thy children everywhere.
Bless the sick and afflicted. O Lord, lend Thy helping hand and let this awful war cease. Heavenly Father, bring peace in our country once more if it can consist with Thy holy will. O God, bless our country; bless our soldiers from the highest to the lowest.
Lord, Bless our enemies; have mercy upon them, may they turn their course and let us alone, and let us live in peace at our homes in our own native land.
Lord, protect us through life; when done with us on earth hand us down to our graves in peace with Thee and all mankind; then receive our souls in heaven where we can praise Thee more perfect, World without end, Amen.

A note attached reads as follows:

“William Pennington died 28 Aug. 1864 in Winchester Virginia York Hospital. He was a true soldier to his restless country and a faithful soldier of the cross. His nurse sent this to me.” Mary Beasley Pennington, wife."
William Pennington and his wife Mary Beasley Pennington lived in Jefferson County, Georgia before the war. He enlisted on 1 Oct. 1861 in Company G, 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment. He was wounded on 28 August 1864 and died two days later on August 30th. He is credited with distinguished service in the Confederate Army records. 

Source: A copy of the above prayer was given to me by Hinson Mosley of Jesup, Georgia at the Southern Iron Cross dedication ceremony for my ancestor, John Thompson in 2002. Mr. Mosley told me the prayer document was authentic and considered a family heirloom. He stated that he was a direct descendant of private William Pennington and was duly proud of his ancestor's service to God, country and family. At that time he, Mr Mosley, was (and still is) a member of the Georgia Legislature in the House of Representatives..
23 Aug 2004 -  T.T.